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Kirk Bosselmann

Cpl. Kirk Bosselmann

Sniper Platoon

1/8 Marines

3/25/1983 – 11/27/2004

A true outdoorsman, Kirk spent all his free time in the wild outdoors. From a young boy his love for nature matured and turned into a pure passion. His thirst for knowledge and desire to experience life to the fullest led Kirk down many interesting roads. His passion for life has been a constant reminder in the shaping of Patriot Land and Wildlife. Kirks tremendous generosity and desire to improve the outdoor experience for all those he cared about have been the foundation to which the company has been built. Kirk was killed by small arms fire on November 27 of 2004 while operating house to house in the Iraqi city of Falluja. His bravery during his time earned him numerous medals including the Purple Heart. Kirks bravery, generosity and friendship should be an everyday lesson to all those who live on. Live each day to the fullest, be thankful for what you have, and never forget their sacrifice.

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“Freedom Isn’t Free”