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Large Property Deer Managment

Deer Management for Large Properties and Complexes

Whether a result of poor management practices, viagra sale weaponry restrictions or company or governmental polices, check often larger properties fall victim to the same deer population explosions as the suburban homeowners. Agricultural properties, community parks and greenspaces, business complexes or estate properties can all find themselves in a deer management shortfall. Patriot Land and Wildlife Management Services, Inc. has realized incredible results for the agricultural world and in the urban setting. Let out techniques and professional advice work for your deer management issues.

Many of the same services and techniques employed for our Community Based Deer Removal can be utilized in this setting as well.

Patriot LWM can:

  • Work with property managers to establish a management plan
  • Obtain necessary permitting and support
  • Better manage current reduction efforts taking place on a property
  • Data collection and monitoring to compile the management results
  • Handle any public outreach or training that may be requested
  • Coordinate the management effort
  • Work with surrounding properties to increase the programs success