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BioHaven Floating Islands

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Patriot Land and Wildlife, in conjunction with Bluewing Environmental Solutions, is the Maryland sales representative as well as the official certified

installer for the revolutionary BioHaven Floating Island systems in Maryland and Virginia.

BioHaven® floating islands (also known as floating treatment wetlands or FTWs) are a new and powerful tool in water stewardship. They biomimic natural floating islands to create a “concentrated” wetland effect. Independent laboratory tests showed removal rates far in excess of previously published data: 20 times more nitrate, 10 times more phosphate and 11 times more ammonia, using unplanted islands. They are also extremely effective at reducing total suspended solids and dissolved organic carbon in waterways.

With the correct plant selection, wildlife habitat can be effectively created, giving food, shelter, and protection to waterfowl and other animals. In short, BioHavens clean the water, improve wildlife habitat, and beautify a waterscape. This new product holds tremendous promise for the land and wildlife management field, from wildlife habitat creation to pond treatment, let Patriot help you design and install your “green”, cost effective, ready-made wetland. Just a 250 square foot section of BioHaven can remove as many nitrates from your system as 1 acre of wetlands. These floating islands can also support floating walkways, docks and gazebos. BioHavens are an alternative to chemicals like algaecides and biocides. Your own wetland is closer then you think. Browse the below links for much more information!